Some open source projects

RemoteTech XF

This is my own personal branch of the RemoteTech mod for Kerbal Space Program. The XF stands for "Extra Forgiving." It makes one minor change with major implications.

In normal RemoteTech, you may not control anything on a probe unless you have a connection to KSC. In XF, you may not do anything EXCEPT activate and point the antennas. I think this is better for gameplay as well as realism for reasons that I outlined here.

To install, you must first download the Vanilla RemoteTech and then download RemoteTech XF to install over top of it. Or you can get the source code directly, if you want it.

RemoteTech XF, like the regular RemoteTech, is licensed under the GNU GPL v2 License.


KML2SQL is a utility for uploading Google Earth/Maps kml files into Microsoft SQL Server geography or gemoetry tables. Download the installer or get the source on Github.

Netbots Debug Assitant

The NetBots Debug Assistant allows you to run local NetBots battles without registering the Bot with AI Battleground using the public API. Great for testing bots before they're ready. The source is available on Github.